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SouthSideSports The number 1 Sports Equipment Supplier in the area.

You made us #1

“Friendly Atmosphere” DM

“Knowledgeable Staff” LH

“Great service, Fair Prices” CJ

“Uniforms, done right - on time” DF

“Demo House is Great” SB

We are your locally owned and operated Team Sports Equipment Supplier.  SouthSideSports is the ONLY Official Team Outfitter in the area.  We have what you need, when you need it - at prices below major retailers.

How? Well we sell everything at well below MSRP. The Big Box stores sell at MSRP - THEN they throw you a bone with a 10% or 15% off coupon. So you get a fake “deal” from them, but hey it looks good on paper right?. Well here we don't BS you with “fake” deals. We know our customers are smarter than that.  We sell on cost + pricing. We purchase inventory and factor an expense margin to set our pricing. So what does this mean for you? You get the items EVERYDAY at below the “fake sale” price of the major retailers.

You also get KNOWLEDGEABLE FREE advice and free use of our Demo House Bats. You support a business that contributes to local youth athletics. You contribute to the growth of the area by keeping your hard earned money LOCAL.

 In addition you save money on the items you need.

Win - Win

We do not sell Online as that defeats the purpose of having an actual store that you can come into. Try out equipment, get correctly fitted AND have personal contact with people who care about your child's athletic achievements.  Customer service at an online store could care less about your kids home run, catch or field goal. We do; and we also frequent games and support the local teams.

Shopping on-line in you PJ’s is great, but if you swing by here in your PJ’s we are still going to respect you as a customer.

Get a Voki now!